Heat Pump Maintenance in South Lake, TX

Are you looking for heat pump maintenance in the South Lake, TX area? Then you’ve come to the right place! Your heat pump is one of the most important pieces of equipment in your home or business—so we know you want to keep it properly maintained! Your heat pump, like a car, needs routine maintenance to make sure it runs efficiently all year round. Accelerated Mechanical offers the best heat pump maintenance for your residential or commercial building in the South Lake, TX area.

To schedule heat pump maintenance in South Lake, contact Accelerated Mechanical today!

Benefits of Heat Pump Maintenance

Performing regular maintenance on your heat pump will save you money in the long run. Not only does it reduce the potential of a full system breakdown, but it also will save you money on your monthly energy bill. A well-maintained heat pump is an efficient heat pump! Our heat pump maintenance will:

  • Save you money and improve efficiency. You want your heat pump to run as efficiently as possible, and routine heat pump maintenance will help with that! Regular maintenance reduces your heating and cooling energy bills.
  • Reduce potential system failure. When you get regular maintenance, you get a set of highly-trained eyes that can identify signs of a more serious problem. Accelerated Mechanical’s HVAC technicians can repair and adjust your system to prevent long term issues with your heat pump.
  • Increase the life of the system. A heat pump is a huge investment, and regular maintenance will help keep it running for years. Regular maintenance helps reduce your heat pump’s workload, which makes for a happier and healthier system.

Why Choose Accelerated Mechanical?

Guaranteed Fixed Pricing

After diagnosing your South Lake-area HVAC system, we provide a fixed and guaranteed price for the heat pump repair or installation. No trick or gimmicks here—just clean-cut advice from our certified technicians without hidden fees or surprises. Our prices take into account all the costs of operating a business—from servicing our trucks to building operation fees, employee salaries, benefits, and more. Our prices are carefully calculated and never arbitrary.

No Hidden Fees or Overtime Charges

When you choose Accelerated Mechanical Services, you can rest easy knowing that we do not charge extra for overtime. We have been known to work odd and late hours to ensure that our customers’ systems are repaired in a timely manner. We know having a broken heat pump is frustrating, which is why we do not want you to sacrifice comfort for quality during the repair process. So, we will not expect you to pay a dime more than you would during conventional office hours. We will even work around your schedule.

We also guarantee 24-hour emergency service with some of the most affordable prices in South Lake, TX!

Highly Trained South Lake-area HVAC Technicians

Accelerated Mechanical’s highly trained HVAC technicians can work on any commercial or residential equipment. When you compare our services to other South Lake, TX area heat pump contractors, the reasons to choose us to service your residential or commercial HVAC system become clear. 

About Accelerated Mechanical
Our technicians are much more than just regular AC and furnace repair guys. We employ fully certified and highly experienced HVACR (heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration) technicians.
The technician that comes to your South Lake home or business is trained to work on any type of HVACR equipment including:

  • Walk-in coolers
  • Walk-in freezers
  • Refrigeration equipment
  • Large industrial and office buildings
  • Home air conditioning
  • Home heating

Our HVACR techs are outfitted with the latest in HVACR diagnostic equipment and tools, so there is never any guesswork when Accelerated Mechanical Services works on your home or commercial heating system.

Accelerated Mechanical Services has an ongoing training and re-education program for its technicians! Contact us today to learn more.

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