Data Center Air Conditioning

The lifeblood of business in America is the Data Center. The Dallas-Fort Worth Silicon Prairie is the second largest area in the United States for Data Centers, Dedicated Server Hosting and Colocation Hosting sites. Typically, Data Centers are made up of hundreds and even thousands of Server Racks and Integrated Cabinets. Accelerated Mechanical Services (AMS) specializes in designing, building and maintaining Cooling and Chilling systems for large rack based data server farms located in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex/Silicon Prairie region.

24 hour full service mechanical contractor


AMS provides 24 hour immediate response for Critical Cooling systems and any brand of Cooling Tower at Data Center facilities in Dallas Texas and surrounding areas.

We understand that cooling failures at Data Centers can lead to catastrophic losses, this is why we always go the extra mile to guarantee 100% satisfaction. Call us for an assessment today.

Mission Critical Temperature Control

Precision temperature control is one of the top factors in any modern Data Center. Technology is evolving and moving forward every day. New and more powerful processors are constantly being introduced. Server Form Factors are steadily shrinking in size. Server Rack densities are increasing as engineers are cramming more and more computer server power into the same space. This contributes to the enormous challenge that Data Center administrators experience in the realm of cooling and air flow. AMS has extensive experience in Mission Critical Cooling.

Smart Design for increased efficiency & operation

Data Centers are typically the most dynamic and mission critical operations in any business. More often than not, Data Centers are the lifeblood of a business. As computer hardware evolves and becomes more powerful, Data Centers only increase in capacity and density. This puts a heavy strain on already poorly designed or outdated facilities.

The most efficient Data Centers match cooling and airflow needs with IT Loads. In other words, the cooling system should be variable and adjust itself intelligently depending on demand. Historically, this has proven to be a challenge for most Data Centers because their cooling systems are sized for peak demand that rarely occurs. The solution is to install intelligent cooling controls that go beyond simply measuring return air temperature. Intelligent Cooling Control systems can understand, predict and adjust cooling and airflow based on conditions in the data center and at the individual server level. These new Smart Controls can also coordinate multiple cooling systems to work in concert together for extremely efficient and non-counter productive cooling system operation.

Dallas Forth Worth Liebert Precision Cooling Equipment Dealer

Your exclusive Liebert Precision Cooling dealer

[Wiki Article about Liebert Corp]

Liebert Corporation is one of several product brands of Emerson Network Power. Liebert is recognized as the global leader in power supply, precision cooling, infrastructure management systems for main-frame computers and server racks. Formed in 1965, they were the worlds first designer and manufacturer of computer room air conditioning (CRAC) systems. Liebert (CRAC) systems were the first self-contained enclosures capable of maintaining air temp, humidity and air quality within very precise tolerances.

Accelerated Mechanical Services is proud to be a very experienced and well known Liebert dealer. Our staff is very familiar with their equipment and technology.

Energy Efficient Cooling Solutions for Data Centers


Lower the Carbon Footprint and use less electricity

[Article about Carbon Footprint]

With a global increase of electricity prices of over 50% in the last decade and a steady increase in energy consumption, Data Centers are perfectly positioned to take advantage of the latest in cooling technology to improve their profitability. Data centers in the United States have an annual electrical cost of at least $4.5 billion dollars. This makes Data Center cooling systems a primary target for energy efficiency improvements.

With an average summer temperature of 95°F, Dallas area Data Centers can decrease a significant portion of their energy consumption by modernizing and Economizing with the latest in Precision Cooling Technology.

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